Our services

Consentium provides building consent, inspections and CCC services for all building category levels (Residential 1 to 3 and Commercial 1 to 3), where the building will be owned and retained by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities.

For Kāinga Ora acquisitions, Consentium only provides consent services for projects where there is a sale and purchase agreement in place between Kāinga Ora and the developer and the developer has been approved by Kāinga Ora’s Market Delivery team.

Services provided:

  • Processing of building consent applications to verify compliance with the NZ Building Code including:
    • Building work on land that is subject to natural hazards where the hazard has been mitigated in accordance with s71(2)
    • Building work on two or more allotments if a section 75(2) certificate has been issued by the TA or conditions of section 76 have been met
    • Existing buildings that are being altered (excluding buildings subject to EPB notice s133AL) as long as the building’s accessibility and fire provisions are being upgraded to meet s112(1)
  • Inspection of building work to verify construction in accordance with the consented plans
  • Issue of Code Compliance Certificates in accordance with Section 95 of the Building Act
  • Issue or amend Compliance Schedules as required by Section 102 and in accordance with Section 103 of the Building Act
  • Issue notices to fix (NTF) under s164 of the Act and  provide copy of the notice to fix to the relevant TA within five working days of issuance - s164(2), s166

You can find our details on the Register of BCAs(external link).

You need to contact your local territorial authority for consent services relating to the following areas:

  • If the building will not be owned and retained by Kainga Ora. For example, KiwiBuild developments.
  • Acquisition projects where the developer has not been approved by the Kāinga Ora Market Delivery team
  • Alterations to buildings subject to EPB notice (s133AT)
  • Alterations to existing buildings (s112 [part 2])
  • Building Warrant of Fitness (s108)
  • Building work on a site subject to natural hazards where the hazard has not been mitigated (s71 [part 1])
  • Buildings with specified intended life (s113)(116)
  • Certificate of acceptance (s96)
  • Certificate of public use (363A)
  • Change of use (S115)
  • Compliance Schedule Statement (s104A)
  • Exemptions from building consent (s42A)
  • Project Information Memorandum (s34)
  • All Resource Management Act (s37)
  • Development Contributions (s36)
  • The proposed subdivision of a building (s116A)
  • Waiver or modification (s67)
  • Engineering Plan approval (NZBC Clauses E1, G12, G13)
  • Vehicle Crossing (s335 Local Government Act 1974)
  • Licensed Building Practitioner owner builder exemption (s87A of the Building Act 2004)

For further information see MBIE BCA TA Matrix [PDF, 394 KB], which provides a summary of services that can be provided by a ‘private’ Building Consent Authority (BCA) such as Consentium, compared to services that are provided by Territorial Authorities.

Page updated: 17 May 2024